Från loggen

19 januari, 2009

det här loggade jag under ett samtal idag: (förkortningar: cst=customer. wan=internet.)

Cst cannot view videos from thaitv on his mac, probably in lack of some plug in for wma or god knows what. Info he has to contact the site-support to get help with this. Says he doesn’t speak thai. i wonder why he wants to see thaitv then. his wife. cant she help him translate? seemingly not. cannot help him with this.

then he starts speaking about his old dell computer, that cannot get online without ethernet-cable. cst asks if he can move his router up to his bedroom, where the dell is standing. info yes if he has a wan-connection there. he doesn’t. but he recently bought a 1GB ram for his dell, shouldn’t that include wifi? info no. cst will call dell. maybe.


2 svar to “Från loggen”

  1. Lena said

    haha! roligt att han började fråga dig om sin dell!

  2. Lantlollan said

    Värst vad informellt ni får skriva era loggar..


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